After over 2 years’ of development, including input from Key Traceability staff, we are proud to see the ASC-MSC sustainable seaweed standard launched (22.11.2017). The standard sets the best environmental and social performance for seaweed producers including criteria for stocks, ecosystem impact, management, labour rights and community wellbeing. We have been contributing to the standard development since the very beginning, culminating with the training of auditors in London and Beijing last month. The auditors will now visit farms to assess their conformance to the standard and where they meet it, issue a certificate demonstrating their performance.

Seaweed is one of the highest volume seafood products worldwide. It is both harvested wild and farmed, the biggest producers are China, the Philippines, Indonesia and Chile. And although most of us see seaweed as a food product, in fact it is widely used as an additive in cosmetics, everyday items like toothpaste and for clearing beer. So next time you’re cleaning your teeth think of the seaweed and ask yourself, is it sustainable?

Download a Get Certified Guide for the ASC-MSC Seaweed Standard