Key Traceability provides quality FIPs “Key Traceability FIPs” to clients globally. Features of Key Traceability FIPs include quality assurance, meeting international standards, timely delivery of services, meeting FIP milestones and public transparency of activities.

In recent years the development of Fisheries Improvement Projects has seen huge growth with the aim to provide a structured plan to a fishery for improvement, often to a pre-defined level (such as the Marine Stewardship Council). Key Traceability is currently engaged in multiple FIPs namely in West Africa, the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Key Traceability is the world leader in FIPs. We aim to engage with a large number of fisheries and have a well-developed portfolio of FIPs with successful examples of reaching their targets such as MSC certification or publicly recognised environmental and social impacts to ensure global sustainability of the world’s oceans, its stocks and people.

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