MSC Capacity Building Training

Over the past week, Key Traceability's Science Manager, Tom Evans, attended the MSC Level 2 Comprehensive Capacity Building Training. This is a five-day workshop that takes participants through the Fisheries Standard at a detailed level and covers how to benchmark a fishery against the MSC requirements and how to identify actions for improvement. Participants will [...]

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Join us!

Key Traceability are looking for a Fisheries and Aquaculture Consultant You must be a driven professional that can work independently and deliver outstanding outputs for our clients. We are looking for someone that has an interest in social and environmental sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture. The right candidate will have good communication and organisational skills, a [...]

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Social Accountability Auditing

Social accountability auditing of fishing vessels requires preparation to ensure the audit team is suitably skilled for safe and effective interviewing of fishermen. Key Traceability social Lead Auditor, Iain Pollard, recently returned from West Africa having teamed up with Miriam Baanie, an experienced in community participatory research consultant. Miriam and Iain carried out interviews with [...]

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Key Traceability presenting at the 9th International Fisheries and Observer and Monitoring Conference

Key Traceability are proudly presenting at the 9th International Fisheries and Observer and Monitoring Conference on the use of Electronic Monitoring in our FIPs. The poster can be seen below:   For more information on the conference click here

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Key Traceability Promotes Longline Tuna Sustainability

The 15th INFOFISH World Tuna Trade Conference and Exhibition started today (28th May)  in Bangkok at the Shangri-La hotel. The meeting brings together all of the global industry from harvesting through processing and marketing of tuna, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of equipment. The opening address confronted issues in the industry and what needs to be [...]

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Need a FIP Implementer?

Key Traceability provides quality FIPs “Key Traceability FIPs” to clients globally. Features of Key Traceability FIPs include quality assurance, meeting international standards, timely delivery of services, meeting FIP milestones and public transparency of activities. In recent years the development of Fisheries Improvement Projects has seen huge growth with the aim to provide a structured plan [...]

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Join Our Team

Key Traceability is looking for a part time Marine Project and Administration Assistant. The job role is diverse and includes project coordination activities, company administration, research and assisting in the preparation of reports. We’ll train you within the company and to undertake greater responsibilities as you learn more about the industry and sectors you’re interested in, [...]

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Tunago Pacific Longline Tuna FIP recognised on ISSF PVR

The Tunago Pacific Longline Tuna FIP has continued its journey to achieving a sustainable status by being recognised on the ISSF ProActive Vessel Register (PVR). The PVR enables tuna vessel owners to identify themselves as active participants in meaningful sustainability efforts, such as implementing specific best practices. This enables tuna purchasers to make informed decisions [...]

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Tunago Pacific Longline Tuna Fishery啟動漁業改進計畫FIP

The Tunago Pacific Longline Tuna Fishery正式成立了漁業改進計畫FIP,目標是2023年取得MSC 認證書。FIP攜手各方漁業相關成員,包括漁民,漁業管理者,科研人員,企業和非政府組織等,目標是通過MSC開發的工具改進漁業的實踐和管理,以確定和跟踪漁業的改進領域,並最終達到MSC標準。 FIP的各參與方已達成共識並正式簽署協議,其成員包括Tunago,泰聯,大自然保護協會(TNC),萬那杜漁業局。漁業咨詢公司Key Traceability代表所有成員執行該FIP項目。所有成員將共同致力於工作計劃,主要活動,改進領域,行動路線和關鍵績效指標,以在FIP計畫的五年限期內實現大家共同承諾的目標。 The Tunago Pacific Longline Tuna Fishery旨在確保永續發展的前提下,來滿足全球不斷增長的鮪魚消費需求。推動以生態系統為基礎的漁業管理方式,加強地區政策和管理體系。特別考慮提高捕撈量,保育量和混獲量的準確數據的可用性,並與其他鮪魚漁業相關機構合作,共同改善永續漁業的管理和政策,例如漁獲管控規則。 The Tunago Fishery很榮幸與世界領先的鮪魚罐頭公司泰聯一起作出承諾,確保魚類資源在我們的下一代還能永續發展。Tunago的Stephen Lo說:“在我們的該項旅程中,很高興能夠與包括泰聯,TNC和Key Traceability 這樣的專業團隊合作。 我們也歡迎更多漁業相關人員的加入,與我們一同去實現MSC認證,使永續發展變成常態,而不是個例。 而對於泰聯來說,永續發展是維護海洋生態系統,並確保業務連續性的唯一途徑。泰聯永續發展經理Francisco Leotte表示:“泰聯非常重視資源的永續發展,我們將促進永續漁業作為我們業務的核心部分。 我們也很高興能在永續發展的征途中與我們的供應商Tunago合作。” 更多信息,以及我們的工作進展將可在這裡查詢,信息包含了共識,工作計畫,預評估等。如您有興趣加入我們,請發郵件至 。 MoU Signing, from left to right: Mr. Chen (Ming Dar Fishery), Mr. Basil (Vanuatu Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Mr. Lo (Tunago), Mr. Pollard (Key Traceability), Mr. Bixler [...]

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Tunago Pacific Longline Tuna Fishery launched as a Fishery Improvement Project

The Tunago Pacific Longline Tuna Fishery has proudly entered a Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) with the aim to achieve Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification by 2023. FIPs bring together multiple fishery stakeholders; fishers, managers, researchers, funders and NGOs with the aim to improve a fishery’s practices and management against tools developed by the MSC to [...]

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