Key Traceability are proudly the FIP providers for the Pacific Longline Tuna FIP, which is currently within the prospective stage with the aim to achieve MSC certification by 2023. FIPs bring together multiple fishery stakeholders; fishers, managers, researchers, funders, and NGOs with the aim to improve a fishery’s practices and management.


The Fishery aims to meet the rising global demand for tuna in a sustainable manner by assuring catches do not exceed sustainable levels, promoting the ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management, and strengthening policy and governance systems in the region. Key Traceability has worked directly with the fishery and other participants to draft a pre-assessment of the fishery to identify areas in which it needs to take action to be able to obtain MSC certification. Next steps include agreeing these actions and rolling them out to maintain the sustainability of the fishery.


For further information, our prospective Fishery Progress profile can be viewed here. To register interest as a stakeholder, email