Mauritanian Small Pelagics FIP

The Mauritanian Small Pelagics Fishery has entered a Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) with the aim to achieve MSC certification. FIPs bring together multiple fishery stakeholders; fishers, managers, researchers, funders and NGOs with the aim to improve a fishery’s practices and management.

The West African fishery consists of artisanal and coastal purse seine and pelagic trawl vessels targeting round sardinella (Sardinella aurita), flat sardinella (Sardinella maderensis) and obo (Ethmalosa fimbriata) in Mauritanian waters in the Atlantic Ocean.

The FIP was initiated between the Mauritanian fishery authority, the Mauritanian Oceanographic and Fisheries Research Institute, local businesses and international fishmeal and oil buyers. These key stakeholders all recognise the need to manage the local pelagic fish stocks, and through their partnership aim to preserve the longevity of the resource. By choosing to participate in a fishery improvement project, the stakeholders have shown their commitment to transparency, sustainable fishing, and minimising environmental impacts.

Further information, key documents and progress updates are available on the FIP’s Fishery Progress page.

If you have any questions about the Mauritanian Small Pelagics FIP, would like any information on initiating your own or registering as a stakeholder, contact Key Traceability on