Traceability audit and IUU risk assessment for long-line caught fish from Marshall Islands to USA

In July 2015 we conducted an audit in the Marshall Islands of the Western Pacific Ocean. The companies were NORPAC Fisheries Export and Marshall Islands Fishing Venture (MIFV) who cooperate to catch, process and market long-line caught Yellowfin and Bigeye tuna from the traceable Fishery Improvement Project (FIP).

The aim of the assessment was to review the traceability of fish from the vessel to first point of sale through observation of procedures, document review, and traceback exercises. The project also assessed risks of IUU entering the supply chain at all stages of handling. Industry best practice and standards are used for guidance in assessing the companies’ procedures.

Both sites showed clear traceability, with robust control systems, staff training, and effective procedures demonstrated during the traceability exercises. Some weaknesses were identified against international standards/guidance that if corrected would strengthen traceability and further mitigate IUU risk.

The public report for this audit can be found here.