The Tunago Pacific Longline Tuna FIP has continued its journey to achieving a sustainable status by being recognised on the ISSF ProActive Vessel Register (PVR).

The PVR enables tuna vessel owners to identify themselves as active participants in meaningful sustainability efforts, such as implementing specific best practices. This enables tuna purchasers to make informed decisions and other stakeholders by consulting the PVR for information on hundreds of vessels worldwide.

This is an example of the actions the fleet is taking to implement specific best practices designed to improve responsible practices in tuna fishing. The PVR enables transparency of vessel information documents and shark finning policies and identification – among the vast and disparate global tuna fishing fleet – of those individual vessels that are committed to implementing science-based, sustainable tuna fishing practices.  By tracking compliance by individual vessel – validated through third-party auditing – the PVR offers all interested stakeholders with the credible information to inform their programs, procurement and decisions.

For more information about the Tunago Pacific Longline Tuna FIP view our fishery progress profile here>