What We Do

Our seafood industry work

Key Traceability was created to fill a gap in the seafood industry which we had identified through years of experience. The seafood industry offers benefits to tens of millions of people. Whole communities rely on the employment in fishing and processing roles created by the industry, and the protein-rich seafood produced is essential for feeding the world’s population.
However, it is not possible to consider the global seafood industry without being reminded of the negative humanitarian and environmental impacts that arise when failures and abuses occur and are increasingly brought to our attention. This has led to the need to identify the source and the journey of seafood products becoming crucial for purchasers and consumers, for peace of mind and confidence in what they’re eating

Seafood supply chain

The international nature of seafood supply-chains offers a unique level of complexity, with production, processing, packing, transport, retail and restaurants stretched across the globe. A comprehensive knowledge of the industry is needed, which is what Key Traceability offers. Our confidential, client-focused service aims to bring clarity to companies and transparency to consumers.

We have the experience, the knowledge, the passion for seafood to be an industry people can have confidence in, and the key to unlock seafood supply-chains; from the water to the plate